I will start 52 businesses this year

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Another long-lost relative, maybe…

I’ve spent some time lately setting up google analytics.  It’s a fabulous program, whose sole weakness is how much overwhelm and overkill it provides to non-professionals.  Tonight I looked at my google analytics page, and I saw one person from North Las Vegas who specifically googled “johan marinus jensen,” went onto JMJensen.com, and then spent 28 minutes on the site reading 79 pages.  That’s what it’s all about.  JMJensen.com has sold about 20 copies of its book, at $20ish apiece by the time you include shipping, but that was basically a break-even point–even that was only possible because I owned a printing company.  It was always about bringing honor to my misunderstood great-grandfather, spreading his message, finding distant relatives, fighting the constant self-loathing back-projections of opportunism in the building of America, and of course my own joy of having a popular website.  So congratulations and thank you to “John” M Jensen, getting close to his 150th birthday, on having a fabulous, and fabulously relevant, website.

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#25 Register Templates

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Register Templates was maybe the first business I started.  In 1994 I noticed that while Burger King had 10,000 locations, all the keyboard-overlays on their registers were hand-drawn.  In other words, if you buy a McDonalds, McDonalds assigns you a POS system.  As such, if they want to change the menu, they can probably just push a button in Oakbrook, Illinois, and all the buttons labeled “Mc DLT” will magically say “Arch Deluxe.”  But with most any other franchise, you have a lot of choices in building one out, including which brand of register to get.  Because of this, you have to make your own register templates.  So I approached a regional holding company and they asked me to outfit their 13 Burger Kings.  16 years later, the market still has presented no other option than I for key templates.  As such, I’m hereby reinvigorating that business with RegisterTemplates.com.

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